16,975 Sub-Projects in 2023: DSWD Community Development Program Sets New Record

Great news for Filipinos! In an exciting display of community development efforts, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) recently celebrated an achievement of considerable magnitude. The agency has successfully culminated 16,975 sub-projects in 2023 under the KALAHI-CIDSS program. This result represents an embodiment of DSWD’s consistent dedication towards addressing the complex and changing needs of various communities.

Romel Lopez, DSWD Asst. Secretary for Strategic Communications, confirmed the achievement on Wednesday (January 17). He proudly highlighted the agency’s commitment to community development.


Understanding the KALAHI-CIDSS Program

The KALAHI-CIDSS program, established in 2003, is a poverty alleviation scheme that employs a Community-driven Development (CDD) approach to uplift impoverished communities and enhance their living standards. An annual average of 5,000 completed subprojects was observed since the program’s inception. However, 2023 witnessed the highest number of completed sub-projects, due to the Department’s efforts in retooling the program.

The program’s primary focus is to strengthen local governance, encourage social integration, and boost sustainable development through interactive community involvement. DSWD Secretary Rex Gatchalian had previously instructed the Department to prioritize the retooling of DSWD’s initiatives and services to address the necessities of their clients and beneficiaries more effectively.

The Retooling Effort and Its Results

The retooling of KALAHI-CIDSS has resulted in an efficient overhaul of its procedures, timelines, and documentary requirements, contributing to the increased number of completed sub-projects in 2023. Asst. Sec. Lopez shared that the finished sub-projects encompassed an array of endeavors, from infrastructure developments and livelihood programs to community facilities.

DSWD ensured the projects were executed meticulously with active community participation. This approach guaranteed that the solutions implemented were perfectly suited to the distinctive needs of each locality.

Acknowledging the Contributors

Asst. Sec. Lopez extended his appreciation to all the communities, local government units, partner-organizations, and stakeholders for their dedication and hard work, which contributed significantly to this achievement. The success of the community-driven development approach was manifested through the collective efforts and collaborative spirit of all involved.

In 2024, DSWD will continue to align with its commitment to fostering inclusive and sustainable national development.

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Video: KALAHI-CIDSS Explainer Video

To give you a better understanding of the KALAHI-CIDSS program, check out this explainer video below:

The video highlights the program’s objectives, processes, and impact on communities. Watch it now to learn more about this successful community-driven approach towards poverty alleviation and sustainable development.


DSWS has successfully completed these different sub-projects under the KALAHI-CIDSS program. This marks the highest number of completed sub-programs since its inception in 2003 and is definitely something that we all should be proud of.

The achievement is a result of the Department’s retooling efforts for a more effective response to community needs. The success is attributed to the combined efforts of communities, local government units, partner-organizations, and all stakeholders.

Check out the full press statement as shared on the official FB Page below: