DSWD Introduces Hotline and New Contact Channels for Inquiries and Concerns

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has unveiled several new channels for the public to direct their questions or concerns regarding the agency’s programs or services. This move comes as part of the department’s commitment to improving its accessibility and responsiveness to the needs of the community.

The DSWD Agency Operations Service (AOS) has set up hotlines that can be accessed through both Globe and Smart telecom providers. The Globe hotline numbers are 09171105686 and 09178272543, and the Smart hotline number is 09199116200.

The department understands that the public may have questions or concerns about its programs or services, and it is essential to address these in a timely and efficient manner. By introducing new contact channels, the department aims to make it easier for individuals to reach out and seek assistance from the agency.

dswd contact details to file grievance online

DSWD Hotline Numbers

These hotlines are expected to provide a direct line for individuals to communicate with DSWD representatives, ensuring their queries and concerns are addressed efficiently.

  • DSWD Globe Hotline Numbers
    • 09171105686
    • 09178272543
  • DSWD Smart Hotline Number
    • 09199116200

dswd grievance form complaint online dswd agency operations service hotline

DSWD Email for Inquiry

In addition to the new hotline numbers, DSWD has also provided an email address for the public to reach out to the department. Individuals can direct their messages to inquiry@dswd.gov.ph.

This provides another convenient and accessible platform for people to communicate with the department.

Integrated Grievance Redress Management System (IGRMS)

DSWD has also encouraged the public to use the Integrated Grievance Redress Management System (IGRMS).which you can access via the link https://i-grs.dswd.gov.ph

This system is designed to facilitate the efficient handling of grievances, effectively streamlining the resolution process. It represents the department’s continuing efforts to leverage digital technology in enhancing their public service delivery.

Below is a screenshot of the IGRMS website:

dswd grievance form complaint online

How to Fill Out a Grievance Complaint Online to DSWD

DSWD has listed the steps in order to fill out a grievance online via the IGRMS application form:

STEP 1: Please take a moment to fill out the information requested from you. It is important to provide all the necessary details. You will notice that some fields are marked with a red asterisk (*), indicating that they are required for submission.

STEP 2: Once you have submitted the form, please check your email address. You will receive a One-Time PIN (OTP) to verify your identity and ensure the security of your grievance.

STEP 3: After receiving the OTP, please proceed to the next form and input the provided code. Once you have submitted the OTP, kindly wait for a notification confirming that your grievance has been successfully filed. Your concerns will be addressed promptly.

You will be given a ticket number for your reference. This can be used to follow up on the status of your grievance should you need to do so.

So for Filipinos who need to reach out to DSWD for inquiries or concerns, these various channels provide easier ways to connect with the agency. With this in place, individuals can expect a more efficient and effective response from the department, ultimately leading to a better delivery of social welfare services for the Filipino people. So don’t hesitate to utilize these new contact channels whenever you have questions or feedback for

You can check out the said announcement as shared on the agency’s official FB page below: