DSWD’s “Angels” in Red Vests: Giving Love and Care for Every Filipino

For several decades now, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has played a major role in protecting the rights and welfare of Filipinos. From conducting feeding programs to calamity assistance to anti-trafficking initiatives — you could say that DSWD workers are like “angels.”

The level of dedication and compassion among DSWD workers are extraordinary, indeed. It is not surprising, then, that the department came up with an inspiring new campaign: Angels in Red Vests.

DSWD Angels in Red Vests
Liban, Albay (February 6, 2024) – “Angels in Red Vests” from DSWD Field Office 5 – Bicol provide aid to fire-affected families and individuals.
Image Credit: Angels in Red Vests / Facebook

DSWD Launches Angels in Red Vests Campaign

Earlier this year, the DSWD launched the “Angels in Red Vests” (ARV) campaign, Philippine News Agency reported. This is a new campaign that seeks to promote the diligence, compassion, and dedication of the department’s workers.

According to DSWD Secretary Rex Gatchalian, the campaign highlights the dedication of the department’s workers, who are ever ready to provide “extra love” and “extra care” to the Philippine society’s poor and vulnerable sectors.

“I heard a term that stuck to my head and I can’t let go of it because it actually captures what we should be and what we are,” Sec. Gatchalian stated in a video message during the launching of ARV. Notably, the campaign is part of DSWD’s 73rd anniversary celebration!

“The historical context of this term came about when former DSWD Secretary [Rolando] Bautista called our social workers and development workers in the field, ‘Angels in Red Vests,’ he explained. “He called them ‘Angels in Red Vests’ because in the most trying times during his tenure as secretary — our peers, our workers across the nation, stood up to the challenge of Covid.”

Walang piniling oras, walang piniling araw, walang pinili na delikado sa buhay o hindi (they worked hard regardless of the time, day, and whether or not there was danger involved),” the DSWD Secretary added.

During the campaign launch, a group of DSWD personnel — led by Undersecretary for Legislative Affairs Aliah Fatima Dimaporo — performed a group dance based on the ARV music video.

Speaking of which, check out the “Angels in Red Vests” official music video below, as shared by “dswdserves” YouTube channel:

After the group dance, another batch of DSWD personnel acted as “models” for the ARV campaign’s limited edition merchandise. These included caps, tumblers, pens, and of course, the ARV vest!

The ARV campaign was launched simultaneously in the DSWD Central Office and across all of the department’s regional Field Offices around the country.

DSWD “Angels” Provide Counseling to Landslide Survivors

Recently, DSWD Sec. Gatchalian tasked the department’s “angels” to continue providing assistance and counseling to bereaved families in Barangay Masara, Maco, Davao de Oro. These are the families who lost their loved ones after a landslide hit the community on February 6, Philippine News Agency reported.

DSWD Angels in Red Vests
Maco, Davao de Oro (February 6, 2024) – “Angels in Red Vests” rom DSWD XI – Davao Region make sure that everyone affected by the landslide are given help and assistance promptly.
Image Credit: Angels in Red Vests / Facebook

Follow “Angels in Red Vests” Online

For more information about DSWD’s “Angels in Red Vests,” be sure to follow the campaign’s official social media pages on Facebook and TikTok.

Thanks to DSWD’s “angels,” we can expect the department to continue giving much-needed care and assistance, especially to those who need it the most. To all of DSWD’s workers… thank you very much!!!

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