4Ps Success Story: Family in Camiguin “Graduates” from Program with Flying Colors

The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program is the flagship poverty alleviation program of the Philippine government. More commonly known as “4Ps,” it is carried out by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and offered to families or households who are considered as “the poorest of the poor.”

Through the provision of conditional cash transfers, 4Ps aims to uplift the lives of many impoverished Filipinos. When a family “graduates” from the program, they are believed to have attained self-sufficiency. One great example is the Saraos family from Poblacion, Mahinog in Camiguin. Keep on reading to learn more about their inspiring 4Ps success story!

4Ps Success Story Camiguin
The Saraos family with one of their sons, Ruel.
Image Credit: DSWD X – Northern Mindanao / Facebook

Family from Camiguin Graduates from 4Ps

This 4Ps success story was based on this article from DSWD Field Office 10 – Northern Mindanao. It follows the story of the Saraos family, who have successfully “graduated” from the 4Ps program.

The father, Ronaldo, is a hollow block maker who works tirelessly, day and night. Meanwhile, the mother, Elvie, was formerly a housemaid. Together, they are determined to provide a good life and quality education for their three children.

With limited income, however, the family struggled to cope financially with daily expenses, school allowances, and so on. Ronaldo’s earnings from making hollow blocks, and Elvie’s earnings from her time as a housemaid, were not enough. The whole family had to make sacrifices as they constantly faced financial challenges.

4Ps Success Story Camiguin
The father, Ronaldo, is a hollow block maker.
Image Credit: DSWD X – Northern Mindanao / Facebook

Joining 4Ps in 2011

The turning point came in 2011, when the Saraos family were included in the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps. The program provided the financial assistance that they needed.

The program’s educational grant was a huge support to the children’s schooling expenses, including uniforms, shoes, supplies, and of course, tuition fees.

Meanwhile, Elvie, as the household’s “grantee,” participated in the program’s Family Development Sessions (FDS). These gave her valuable insights on effective parenting, positive discipline, and the importance of education for her children.

4Ps Success Story Camiguin
The mother, Elvie, was formerly a housemaid.
Image Credit: DSWD X – Northern Mindanao / Facebook

Graduating from 4Ps

Eventually, the Saraos family achieved “Level 3” status in the program. Basically, this means that they have achieved self-sufficiency and no longer need assistance! In other words, they have “graduated” from the program with flying colors!

Speaking of graduation, the family’s eldest child, Arvie, graduated with honors in Secondary Education. At present, she is part of the Government Internship Program (GIP) at Mahinog Municipal Hall, while planning to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

As the eldest child, Arvie set a great example of hard work and responsibility. She studied hard, while still finding time to help care for her siblings while their mother was away at work. Indeed, she was determined to make her parents proud!

Currently, Arvie’s younger siblings are now in college. Her sister, Rhea Fe, is taking up a degree in Electrical Engineering, whereas her brother, Ruel, is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Both students have displayed impressive academic performances, and the whole family is excited for the day when they achieve their college diplomas.

4Ps Success Story Camiguin
Their eldest child, Arvie, graduated with honors in Secondary Education.
Image Credit: DSWD X – Northern Mindanao / Facebook

Value of Hard Work and Education

To her children, Elvie often emphasized the importance of hard work and education. “Ang akoang ginasulti sa ilaha nga ginamos og kamote ang perme genapakon sa amoang ginikanan sauna, maong naningkamot mi sa akoang bana nga mapaeskwela sila aron ilahang mga anak puhon makakaon og isda ug karne maong angay lamang nga sila magpursige sa ilahang pag eskwela,” she stated.

Thanks to their parents’ support, along with their emphasis on hard work, determination, and the value of education — the Saraos family children continues to do their best, achieving great things in school, and eventually, in their future careers.

About 4Ps Program of DSWD

The 4Ps program aims to improve the health, nutrition, and education of its member families by providing conditional cash transfers. Its target beneficiaries are “the poorest of the poor” households, particularly those with children ages 0 to 18 years old.

What are the benefits of being a 4Ps member household? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Educational assistance, provided monthly for 10 months (PHP 300 per month for each day-care and elementary student, PHP 500 a month for junior high school students, and PHP 700 per month for senior high school students);
  • Health assistance amounting to PHP 750 a month per household;
  • Rice subsidy worth PHP 600;
  • Automatic insurance coverage under PhilHealth; and
  • Priority in projects such as the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) and other government programs.

Usually, cash grants are disbursed to 4Ps members through LandBank ATMs every month. In case this is not viable, alternative methods such as GCash or rural bank transactions are made. Visit this link for the full list of LandBank servicing branches where 4Ps members can obtain their cash grants.

How to Join the Program

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the 4Ps program, please note the following list of documents to be prepared:

  • Copies of Birth Certificate of all family members;
  • Copies of School IDs or First Grading School Report Card of all children who are attending school;
  • Copies of Health Records of children ages 0-5 years old from the Health Center where they have check-ups;
  • Barangay Certificate;
  • Two (2) copies of 1×1 picture with white background for the Program ID and Landbank ATM; and
  • Valid IDs of the family member who will attend community assemblies.

If you have any questions about the requirements and process for joining the program, please contact the City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (C/MSWDO) in your area. This office can guide you and assess whether or not your household qualifies for the program.

4Ps Success Story Camiguin
The proud parents, Roldan and Elvi Saraos.
Image Credit: DSWD X – Northern Mindanao / Facebook

Final Thoughts

The Saraos family is a shining example of what the 4Ps program can do: support families and change lives for the better.

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