4Ps Success Story: Program Transforms Life of Family in Cebu

The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, better known as “4Ps,” is the flagship program of the Philippine government on poverty reduction. Implemented by the DSWD, it provides cash grants to select households — particularly those with children aged 0 to 18 years old — to improve their health, nutrition, and education.

Indeed, 4Ps has helped numerous Filipinos and produced many “success stories.” One such inspiring story is that of Margie and Virgilio Estenor of Ginatilan, Cebu. Through this article, let us discover how the program has truly changed their lives!

4Ps Success Story Program Transforms Life Family Cebu
(Left) Margie Estenor tends to her family’s organic garden, which is planted with different types of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. (Right) Margie accompanies her child, Florissa, during the latter’s graduation ceremony.
Image Credit: dswd.gov.ph

Family in Cebu Ready to Graduate from 4Ps Program

Prior to becoming a 4Ps beneficiary, Margie and Virgilio’s lives were not easy. They had no steady income, plus their earnings from farming were not enough to meet their daily needs,

Dili ko ganahan nga ipasa ang among kalisud sa among mga anak hangtud sa sunod pa nga henerasyon sa among pamilya (I do not want to pass this poverty-stricken life to our children and the next generation of our family),” Margie said, as cited in a DSWD press release.

In 2011, Margie and Virgilio’s family became a beneficiary of the 4Ps program. They began attending Family Development Sessions (FDS), which aimed to strengthen people’s capacities in meeting their family’s needs. FDS also empower people to become socially aware and involved in their community’s development activities.

Ang 4Ps nakahatag og dakong kaayohan sa pagdumala sa pamilya ug pag-edukar sa mga ginikanan sa mga katungod sa mga kabataan pinaagi sa binuwan nga FDS (The 4Ps provided a positive impact on how to handle families and on how to educate parents on the rights of the children through the conduct of the monthly FDS),” Margie narrated.

Livelihood Assistance

Upon becoming part of the program, Margie and Virgilio started applying the lessons they learned from the FDS. They transformed their backyard into an organic garden, and ventured into livestock farming, as well.

The family received additional assistance through the Livelihood Assistance Grant (LAG), which is under the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) of the DSWD. Moreover, Margie became a volunteer of the KALAHI-CIDSS program, which is another poverty alleviation program of the department.

Health and Educational Assistance

Through the 4Ps program, the Estenor family received cash grants allotted for the health and education of their children, specifically three of their kids — Florissa, Jerome, and Jezyl.

Eventually, their second child, Florissa, graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE). In 2022, she passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), and is now a public school teacher at the Salamanca National High School.

Ready for “Graduation”

Today, Margie states that their family is now ready to exit or “graduate” from the 4Ps program.

Andam na kami nga mobiya sa programa tungod kay nagtuo ko nga ang tabang nga nahimo sa programa sa among pamilya kay igo na ug gani nakagradwar na ang akong usa ka anak nga maoy nakarga sa programa ug karon usa na ka lisensyadong maestra (We are now ready to exit from the program because I believe the assistance provided by the program is already enough and in fact, one of my children who is monitored under the program is already a college graduate and is now a licensed teacher),” Margie shared.

In their dialect, Margie added, “I am thankful to DSWD through their different programs because these addressed our family’s needs, especially in sending our children to school.”

Final Thoughts

The Estenor family serves as a shining example of how a government program such as 4Ps can help uplift the lives of many Filipinos. Indeed, we look forward to reading more inspiring stories like these!

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