99% of Centenarian Program Goals Achieved in 2023 for Senior Citizens

DSWD Philippines has achieved a remarkable 99% of its 2023 targets for the implementation of the centenarian program, according to a recent announcement by DSWD Assistant Secretary for Strategic Communications Romel Lopez.

The official spokesperson of the department, revealed that 2,444 out of the annual target of 2,465 centenarians were acknowledged and given the centenarian rewards by DSWD. This noteworthy accomplishment represents the department’s dedication to the welfare and support of our elderly population, recognizing their invaluable contributions to our nation’s progress.

dswd ACHIEVES 99 percent completion for 2023 centenarian program

What is the Centenarian Program in the Philippines?

As Assistant Secretary Lopez explained, the Centenarian Program, enacted through Republic Act No. 10868 or the Centenarians Act of 2016, sanctions the provision of centenarian gifts to Filipinos who have reached the milestone of 100 years of age and above.

This effort goes beyond just giving rewards; it shows the government’s strong dedication to acknowledging and celebrating the impressive resilience of Filipinos who have reached the remarkable milestone of turning 100. By honoring their strength, wisdom, and valuable contributions to society, we seize the chance to express our heartfelt gratitude for their enduring spirit and inspire future generations.

Benefits and Recognition

  • Centenarians receive Php 100,000 in cash incentives.
  • Each centenarian is given a Letter of Felicitation signed by the President of the Philippines.
  • A posthumous plaque of recognition is granted when a centenarian passes away.

Under this initiative, centenarians, whether residing in the country or overseas, are eligible for Php 100,000 cash incentives, along with a Letter of Felicitation signed by the President of the Philippines, lauding their exceptional longevity.

Filipino centenarians will also receive a posthumous plaque of recognition, which may be received by their closest surviving relative upon passing away.

The DSWD also bestows a posthumous plaque of recognition for a deceased centenarian, which can be claimed by the closest surviving relative.

dswd centenarian program target benefits

LGUs and Government Agencies Collaboration

Assistant Secretary Lopez expressed profound gratitude for the relentless efforts of the department’s staff, and the harmonious collaboration with local government units (LGUs) and the National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC).

The exceptional accomplishment is a testament to the efficacy of the Centenarian Program and the commitment of all stakeholders to positively impact the lives of our elderly population.

What is NCSC?

The National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC) is a government agency in the Philippines tasked with promoting the rights and welfare of senior citizens. This includes implementing policies and programs that cater to the needs of the elderly.

The NCSC works in collaboration with various units of the government, such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development, to ensure that senior citizens, including the centenarians, are recognized and provided with the benefits they deserve.

The commission plays an integral role in supporting initiatives like the Centenarian Program, which exemplify the government’s commitment to honour and support its elderly citizens.

Funding and Future Developments

Over Php186 million has been designated by the DSWD for the execution of the centenarian program in 2024, highlighting the department’s unwavering dedication to this initiative. The spokesperson assured that the department would continue to enhance and implement the program effectively, ensuring that all deserving centenarians are included and provided with the designated incentives.

To further improve the planning and execution of the program, DSWD will continue to closely collaborate with the LGUs and the NCSC.